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Building Inspiring Spaces

We are experienced, competent & motivated construction company that builds variety of Turnkey projects. Whether you are a owner or part of architectural, retail, real estate or development organization, we have the depth of talent, comprehensive technical expertise and integrity you need to develop your next project.


Our inhouse team designs a realistic & cost effective way to make your vision come true. We have no constraints on the domain in construction sectors and we have developed expertise in

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Government Sector
  • Educational
  • Any many more

Also, we are equipped to take up projects of any scale.


Our approach ensures quality construction. we handle every detail of the project, including bidding, subcontractor selection, managing 2 M’s (Man & Material with equal emphasis on communication

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Project Management knowledge is deployed on our engagements to help facilitate completing our clients projects focussing on Project Control, Project Management and Special Services. We combine our expertise with specialist skills and Knowledge of Best Practice.


Compass is an award-winning and dynamic project & cost management consultancy, providing a high quality, value for money, fully tailored service to Clients across all sectors throughout the MENA region, and beyond.


Our knowledgeable and experienced team offers fully tailored solutions that lead our Clients’ projects from initial concept right though to operational handover, with continued support.

We act on behalf of our Clients to lead teams of consultants, stakeholders, contractors and suppliers to intelligently implement the project brief whilst overcoming risks and constraints present in every construction project.

We draw on our extensive delivery experience, industry-wide network, best practice management systems to represent our Clients’ best interests, mitigate risks and plan the most proficient path towards project success.

We add value to your project by:

  • Offering a transparent and accountable management solution
  • Involving Compass owners and industry leading expertise
  • Effectively realising our Client’s investment

Complete Renovation Services

Our Design managers speak the language of the business and the language of design.  We support the culture of creativity during all design phases whilst optimising organization for design delivery



Management of the designer and design interface to ensure that the design deliverables are achieved on time and in budget and that the overall project outcomes are delivered. Management of client design review teams and provision of technical design review services.

Building Commercial Success


On a small scale, commercial construction encompasses projects such as rebranding or reimaging a commercial space.  This generally means interior design updates to offices, manufacturing plants, medical centers, retail shopping centers, and so on.  Usually, these types of projects mean adding fresh paint, new flooring, or technology and graphics into a commercial space.
Construction Supervision is carried out by our highly skilled and experienced team who will effectively monitor each aspect of your requirement to ensure High Quality and Regulation standards are being met, leading to a successful conclusion of your project.

Medium sized commercial construction projects usually encompass jobs like renovations, building add-ons, or remodelling.  These jobs are completed on existing commercial spaces that need to be expanded, updated, or restructured.


Finally, large scale commercial construction projects are those that require ground-up construction.  This means that there is no existing structure to work off of.  A high level of planning and expertise is needed to handle these types of projects because of all the details involved in creating schedules, budgeting, managing labor, and navigating local building codes and ordinances.

A Tradesman For Any Size Job

We’ve established a leading market position in providing personal, quality, cost and contract management solutions for our Clients who are embarking on new construction and fit-out projects, being it from conception of a project through planning and delivery or parts of ongoing projects with great attention to client care and adapting to ever changing client and environment needs.

We review and administer construction contracts including bespoke contracts and FIDIC Red, Green, Silver and Yellow Book, on behalf of our clients to ensure parties are held accountable and agreed deliverables are met.


Value Management

Project budgets will always be a major driving force in the success of a client’s vision.  We work with the Client, designer, engineer, contractors and suppliers to collectively hone solutions to budgetary risk and cost constraints within a project. 

We administer the process in amending the final design to work within budget, paying attention to avoid jeopardising the overall quality, functionality, ambiance and reputation of the outcome. 


Building Information Management inline with industries best practice and methodologies. Our implemented approach is Business Information Modelling (BIM), a digital representation (by using computer modelling) of the physical and functional characteristics of a project.

Industries Served

Residential Housing, Commercial, Hotels, Academic Institutions, Offices and Mix-Use Developments

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